This documentation is for the v1 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v1/fastlabel


Action Name Description Invocation URL
Add New Contact Adds a contact to the list of customer contacts. /v1/fastlabel/addcontact
Get Contact Details Gets the details for a contact based on their AccountNo (ie, your reference number) /v1/fastlabel/contactdetail
Get stock level List current label stock of customer associated with this key. /v1/fastlabel/getstocklevel
List Closed Manifests Lists the manifests closed in the last NumDays days /v1/fastlabel/list-closed-manifests
List Open Manifests Lists all the open manifests, with their consignments and consignment items. /v1/fastlabel/list-open-manifests
List Users List all the User accounts associated with the Main account. Note: You need to ask your Local RF if you want to add/remove users. /v1/fastlabel/listusers
Modify Existing Contact Modify the details of an existing contact (as identified by your unique identifier (whatever you set for AccountNo)). /v1/fastlabel/modifycontact
Remove Contact Removes a contact from your list of contacts, based on the unique identifier you set (AccountNo from addcontact) /v1/fastlabel/removecontact

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